Why Virtual Private Server Is the Best Web Hosting Plan for Your Business

As a beginner in the digital world, choosing the web hosting plan is one of the greatest headaches. Making the wrong selection at this point can be a long-term pain or even the end of your dream of establishing a superb online business. As an entrant, you face the challenge of finding the meaning of various technical terms used in the hosting field.

For instance, when searching for web hosting services, you will come across terms like shared hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting. While you can have a clue on what the above terms mean, things become hard when you come across the term VPS. You wonder; what the hell is this? Relax. Here is all about VPS and why it is a good web hosting option for your business

What is VPS?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a web hosting plan which combines some bit of shared and dedicated hosting plans.  Here it means that your website will share the same server with other websites. However, in this plan, you are allocated a particular virtual component for your domain alone like you would in a dedicated option.

The virtual component consists of powerful CPU, a scalable RAM, personal operating system, and unlimited bandwidth. As such you have better services compared to ones offered in general shared hosting.  But why should you consider the option for your business? Read on to know:

Dedicated hosting services at an affordable price

One reason for considering VPS hosting is the cost perspective. While dedicated hosting can be the best option for your business, budget constraints may be a setback. However, VPS gives you an opportunity to enjoy dedicated plan services at an affordable price. This helps you to save on cost while enjoying reliable services.

Preferable option for online store

When selling online, maintaining a consistent presence is the secret to high profitability. VPS helps you to achieve this goal by ensuring you have flexible and scalable storage and unlimited bandwidth. Hence, if your traffic increases, your site will not experience any downtime issues.

Accordingly, VPS is more secure than the shared option. As such, it will enable your store to pass the PCI compliance requirement. This is important when your site is receiving payment through credit and debit card processing. The PCI compliance is an assurance to the clients that their card information is secure from any cyber-based fraud.

With this information, you now know why VPS is a good option when seeking a reliable web hosting plan for your business website.


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